Interface test:

Slide your cursor over the bars to change the value in the text field. Click field to restore default value.

10 percent increments
102030405060708090 click box to restore default value

One 'while' php statement of 305 characters (including the javascript) produces the box below you. (Including the CSS, just over 1,000 characters...
As you can see by looking at the page source, this is real clunky, in that it writes out a fairly complex javascript for each iteration of the php statement. (14,707 characters, 16kb) I guess the whole thing could be done in javascript, except for the data point of the default size, which is a php variable set in the site's config file. Better would be to have an ouside function for the rollovers that is called on each iteration?

1 percent increments. Click text field to restore default value
          10          20          30          40          50          60          70          80          90          Pecentage: 100%