It's the domino effect, I tell you!

It's the domino effect, I tell you!

Installing the HbG CMS (gotta find a nicer name for it-- How about "Handy blogging Gizmo"?) on this site has caused me to rework, re-jigger, re-whatever, just about every line of code. (Ah! it's called refactoring code!

I've made it leaner, meaner and less-crashable. I've added some nice CMS tweaks to the Back Room to make it more pleasant (but you need Safari to see them). After I get it finalized (I think I'm 99.9% there) I'll rework the installation, so you're seeing it first here!

Woo hoo. I think I'm gonna change the Version number to 6.0.

Other changes:

Automagically adds Authors to an approved list of commenters; if you have access to the site, you have the ability to leave a comment, using your login and email account.

Better security: can't call up a post by typing its ID into the URL if you're not logged in

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